Our Story

For over a decade we have provided natural remedies that make consumers’ lives better.


Nopavera Plus Named 2017 Consumer Product Goods Editor’s Choice Award Finalist by Informa’s SupplySide 

Nopavera Plus has been named among top CPG Products for Innovation and Market Impact

PHOENIX, AZ (August 2017) — Informa Exhibitions has named Nopavera Plus as one of its finalists for the 2017 SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards.
We are proud to be recognized by this accredited group of professionals.


A History of Successful Stories

Essential Source Inc developed Nopavera Plus, and numerous other products, to assist consumers in finding natural solutions that improve their quality of life.

Essential Source began in 2008.  We live by clear directives of high valued products using advanced delivery methods.  We are a modern nutraceutical organization.   

State-of-the-art analytical laboratories allow us to provide you the very best product available.  Our manufacturing partners comply and in many cases exceed the U.S.P standards that regulate the quality, safety and benefits of medicines and foods,   Essential Source abides by strict set of standard operating procedures that ensure GMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance. This allows us to ensure the product always meets label claim and safety standards.


Essential Source will be the champion of educating the consumer about the benefits of natural alternatives, and will consistently drive innovation of natural products that exceed expectations and deliver exceptional benefits.


We strive to remain at the forefront of Research and Development in the natural products industry, utilizing the latest patented delivery techniques, clinically proven ingredients, and studies to improve the efficacy and function of products, in the categories that are most impactful to consumers' health.

Building COnsumer CONFIDENCE

Those who have purchased an Essential Source product know that when they see the Essential Source brand, they are getting more than just a supplement.

They are benefiting from years research and development, access to patented technologies and breakthrough ingredients, and a network of biochemists, naturoptathic doctors, and nutritionists that help us design every product with a goal to maximize the effectiveness. We encourage you to explore the facts behind our research and compare our products to any other product or brand in the same market. You’ll quickly find why Essential Source is the brand that product educated customers choose.

If you contact Essential Source, we won’t pressure you into a sale. We thank you for looking into our efforts and brand.

We really do care about what we offer because most of all we know that longevity in the marketplace is all about taking care of you.

If you have a question about our products or need to know where to buy an Essential Source product, we encourage you to contact us today.